Profile of Graduates

A Hayesman will…

1)      Live his faith by:

·         Modeling himself on Jesus the Good Shepherd as a man of dignity and selflessness.

·         Discovering the presence of God in every aspect of his life.

·         Recognizing the need to serve God by serving others and his Church.

      2)      Demonstrate the quality of his education by:

·         Thinking critically and communicating effectively.

·         Striving for academic excellence through disciplined work habits.

·         Seeking, evaluating, and respecting all points of view and growing from the experience.

      3)      Show his responsibility by:

·         Serving and supporting his family and community through love and commitment.

·         Maintaining an active relationship as an alumnus with the Hayes community.

·         Upholding the values of freedom and accepting the responsibility that freedom brings.