Student Council

(Seniors) The Student Council has been a Hayes tradition since the school opened its doors to the students of the south Bronx in 1941.  The idea behind the Student Council is that empowered students are vehicles for positive change in their school and community.  These student leaders have the responsibility to be positive role models in the classrooms and hallways of Cardinal Hayes.  Members of the Student Council participate in the majority of the events held during the school year including the fall sports rally, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Parent-Teacher Conferences, school plays and many other activities.  Each Student Council member stands guard at a post in the stairways and hallways of the school.  Each year, Mr. Lessa II and Mr. Rochford appoint select students who are nominated by the faculty to the Student Council.

The Student Council is an honorary organization composed of seniors who have demonstrated leadership during their previous years at Hayes.  A Student Council member is a symbol of self-discipline, responsibility, honesty, service, and leadership.  Student Council members, commonly known as S.C.'s, will always have their S.C. badges present with them as a sign of their office.  

Mr. William Lessa II, Moderator