National Honor Society
1. If you are eligible, follow the link below to the application, which is now a form that can only be completed online. The link to this page is:
The application is due on Friday, October 11.**

Letters of Recommendation
You also need a total of three letters of recommendation: one from a current teacher; one from an adult who knows you in a context other than that of a student (parish priest, community service leader, etc.); and one from another student at Cardinal Hayes.

3. A meeting regarding the application process is forthcoming.

Students who are eligible to apply this year will be added to a Schoology group on 13 September 2019.  Your names will also appear on the bulletin board in the school lobby.  

** Under no circumstance will a late or incomplete application be accepted.  All teacher references must be returned to you in a sealed letter.  I will not accept emailed letters of recommendations from teachers. 

Because they are members of the scoring committee, the following teachers MAY NOT write letters of recommendation:
Mr. Coffey, Mr. Lameiro, Mr. McEachern, Mr. Guimaraes, Brother Chiulli, Mrs. Feerick