Hayesman for a Day

Every student considering Cardinal Hayes High School is encouraged to participate in a Shadow Day, where they can accompany a student for the entire day.  This is a great opportunity to experience Cardinal Hayes first hand and to help you decide if Hayes is the right place for you. 

Please follow these guidelines for arranging a Shadow Day:


·      Set up an appointment at least five (5) school days before you  intend to visit. 

·       Present two (2) letters of permission on the day you visit Hayes:  one letter from the school Principal releasing you for the day,  and a second letter from a parent who agrees to release you  for  the day.

·        Arrive at Cardinal Hayes no later than 8am.

·        Please wear a dress shirt, tie, pants and dress shoes.

·        Lunch is provided by the school.

·        Dismissal is at 1:50 pm.