Librarian: Ms. Robyn Hewitt
Phone: 718-292-6100 ext. 214
Library Hours: 7:30 - 2:30

To promote quality information in which students, faculty and staff can read for enjoyment, and use technology in a critical and relevant matter.

Located on the second floor, the library is a place for quiet study/reading, homework, and the use of library materials. If it is necessary to speak, it is expected that this be in a low tone/whisper.

The library is staffed by a professional librarian and an assistant who are ready to help students locate needed materials for study or research.

In order to borrow a book, magazine, newspaper from the library or to use any of the computers, a student must have a valid Hayes I.D. Card.

If you wish to use a computer you must:
• Have a computer account (password).
• Present your Hayes I.D. Card to the Librarian/Assistant.
• For morning users – be signed on a "Computer Users Form" by 8:00 A.M.
• Wait for a computer to be assigned to you.
• Use the computer only for school assignments.

REMEMBER: All computers are to be used for educational purposes only – not for games or watching videos.

Books are borrowed for a two-week period, with opportunities to renew.

Each student is responsible for any library material that he borrows, along with any fines for late returns or payment for lost items. It is advisable that library materials borrowed in one student’s name and I.D. number not be lent to another user.

A fine of ten cents per school day is charged for overdue books. Notices are generally sent weekly to students who have overdue books/unpaid fines. Students should return books promptly without waiting for a notice.

If three notices are ignored, the fourth notice comes from Ms. Hewitt. Failure to report to the library results in detention.

If a library item is not returned/fine paid, a detention is issued each day until the book is returned and a fine paid. At the close of the school year, books, magazines, and all other library items returned late will incur a fine of $0.25 cents per item, per day.

Any student who wishes to use the library in lieu of going to the cafeteria during lunch period must obtain a pass signed by the librarian before 8:00 A. M.

All school rules pertaining to food, drink, gum chewing, and uniform must be followed in the library.

Any student who needs to use the library during regular class period should obtain a teacher-signed pass with the student’s name and homeroom indicated on the pass.