Fine Arts Department

The students are learning Math.  They are learning History. They are learning English, Religion, a Language, Science………Why Music?  Why Art?

The Arts can transform your life.  They teach self-discipline and give self-esteem.  Music and Art touch feelings that words alone cannot express.  They are the message of the heart and the voice of the spirit within each of us.  Musical intelligence, the first of the multiple intelligences, begins in the womb and plays a very important role in adolescence.  The spatiality of Art begins in early childhood and continues through adolescence.  Images – color – pictures – all play a special role in early childhood development which carries over into the teen years. Music and Art are for everyone.  They are a path between us and the infinite.  They raise the spirit and give great joy.  Nearly two and a half thousand years ago, the great philosopher Plato said:

“Music and Art are sacred laws.

They give wings to the mind,

A soul to the universe,

Flight to imagination,

A charm to sadness,

And life to everything.”