Religion Department

Cardinal Hayes High School is a Catholic school and, as such, is concerned with teaching the Catholic faith and fostering the development of the life of faith in each of our students.  In order to carry out this mission, the Religion Department sees its task as two-fold: to teach tenets of the faith in formal academic courses and to provide opportunities for faith to grow by initiating various religious activities throughout the academic year.  We believe that this two-fold approach will help foster a religious atmosphere within the community of Cardinal Hayes.  We try our best to be a community of faith, centered upon the teachings of Jesus Christ as lived out in His Church.  We make our own the words of Pope John Paul II in his Letter to Youth: “My wish for each of you therefore is that the paths of your youth may meet in Christ, that you may be able to confirm before Him, by the witness of your consciences, the evangelical moral code, to the values of which so many individuals of noble spirit have in the course of the generations in some way drawn near.”