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The 10th “Logos of the Week”

What is the relationship between cats and dogs and Jesus Christ?

One freshman reports his love for cats and bagels! The scientific name for cats is Felis catus. Some are domesticated, the ones that prowl the Duff are more feral, and the biggest ones are found in the Bronx Zoo.  Another freshman considers canis lupus familiaris.  Dogs are animals that do not have taste buds on their tongues. However, “they do have a sixth sense which allows them to feel the energy of other beings around them.” Adult dogs have a total of 24 teeth. In the Book of Daniel we are told: All you beasts, wild and tame, bless the Lord.


Jesus speaks of dogs licking the sores of Lazarus, and he heard a woman who spoke of scraps falling from the table to be consumed by dogs. While the gospels record no interactions between Jesus and cats, he was among wild beasts in the desert. On the cross Jesus prayed about many “dogs that surround me”. Lastly, he is sometimes referred to as the Lion of Judah!

These very familiar inhabitants of the South Bronx ecosystem invite us to enter the “ecotone”, or boundary, between science and theology.