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“The 9th Logos of the Week”

What is the relationship between a snow covered tree, a pigeon, and Jesus Christ?

These logos, photographed by two freshmen, are from an 162nd St. apartment window and from a 149TH St. skyward glance on the way home from school.

One freshman writes: “The scientific name for this oak is Quercus acerifolia.     Trees are among the longest living organisms on earth and can drink about 2000 liters of water each year. They provide food and shelter for wildlife.” His classmate reports, “The scientific name for a pigeon is Columba livia. Since the 12th century we have records of pigeons that can travel 1300 miles to find their way home to their nest.”

These observations can be included in a consideration of Colossians 1: 16-17 which states: “For in him were created all things in heaven and on earth… and in him all things hold together.”

As we mark Christ, the King of the Universe, these scriptures and these aspects of the South Bronx ecosystem allow us to enter the “ecotone”, or boundary, between science and theology.