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Alumni Meeting
Date: May 5
Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location: The Alumni Meeting will take place at 6:00PM, in the William Lessa Guidance Complex.

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Meet the 'Damn Yankees' actors

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The Hayes Stage Crew

The stage crew spends hours prepping every behind the scenes detail to ensure a successful performance. These Hayesmen dedicate time afterschool to make sure that the show is a visual treat for the audience.
The League of Extraordinary Hayesmen

They are the keepers of a proud legacy that continues to produce leaders, trailblazers and luminaries among Hayesmen. The President’s Men are a select group of gifted young men who have demonstrated a commitment to academics and community service.
Cardinal Hayes Announces the Passing of Sister Patricia Sullivan

Sister Patricia was born in Manhattan on January 4, 1941. She attended Saints Peter and Paul School in the Bronx and Cathedral High School in Manhattan.
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